Nip It In The Bud.. With Nip and Fab: Dragons Blood Edition

Hey huns,

So I’m officially back… I’m so sorry my lovelies, I’ve been MIA for over 3 months simply because I felt I needed a break from blogging. But I’m back should I make it a Tuesday/Friday thing?

What is Nip + Fab?

Renowned for using unique ingredients in their skincare ranges, from their cult Glycolic Acid range through to Dragon’s Blood, NIP+FAB industry-leading products provide targeted fixes to smooth, firm, hydrate and tighten the skin.

Just a disclaimer I’ve been using these products for months now and this is what works well for my skin. Also these products aren’t new and have been on the market for quite sometime but I really find them helpful.

Now the Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads.

The Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads comes with 60 (which is quite a lot) pads all of which each pad contains salicylic and hyaluronic acids to cleanse your pores and give long lasting hydration to help the skin appear plumper.

For the first two weeks of consistently using the product I didn’t expect to see much of a difference in my skin and I didn’t until I stopped using it.. My skin went from being dry/dehydrated to looking more alive and awake, it also felt a lot softer. But I didn’t realise this until I stopped using it, weird huh?!

One of the things I really liked about this Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Cleansing Pads is that they are saturated in product. Literally you only need one of the pads to cleanse your face. Well one is enough for me.

Dragons Blood Plumping Mask

The second product from the Nip + Fab Dragons Blood collection that I’m loving is this amazing scrumptious mask.

This Nip + Fab product is a clear (opaque) mask, different to your usual mask. However, once this mask has been applied the product then quickly turns into a tacky-sticky consistency and it’s not obvious to others that you are wearing a mask.

It’s advised that this mask should be left on your face for 10 minutes or more or as an overnight mask for extra boost.

Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Plumping Serum

The last product from the Nip + Fab collection which I can’t stop ranting and raving about is the Dragons Blood Plumping Serum.

This product has a silky gel like texture and fantastic in terms of leaving my skin hydrated throughout the day or night.

The one thing that I love about this serum is as soon as it’s applied to the skin, within minutes if not seconds you can feel it seeping into the skin, providing hydration and a more line free feeling.

To make this blog easier for all of you. I cut out giving an in-depth lengthy review. But if you would like to see one please do let me know.

I thought as winter is finally upon us let me share with you some of my favourite products from Nip+Fab Dragons Blood Collection.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Please do let me know what you would like to see more/less of.. by commenting down below..

See you beautiful humans in my next post..

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