Famous Fenty Foundation: Thoughts?

Hey huns,

So I recently went to purchase the Fenty Beauty Foundation! Eeek! I know I’m late but better late than never. Eh.

So unless you’ve been under a rock for the last two years, you’d know in 2017 Robyn Rihanna Fenty launched Fenty Beauty with 40 shades. I mean.. everyone should be aware of this by now.

Yeah so.. without any time-wasting let’s get straight into this blog post…

So I’d always been interested in trying the foundation but it was one of those things that I didn’t really have the time to go in and be shade matched – however, I just wanted the hype to settle down a little bit. But yeah we’re here now..

So when I checked my shade myself I thought I was a shade 390 this was due to a combination of things but mainly because of my undertone but I wasn’t sure.. you know them ones.

As opposed to purchasing 390 online and not being happy with it, I decided to go into Harvey Nichols to sample the item, firsthand.

After checking my undertone shade and complexion, I swatched three shades and based on this..

I was told the shades closest to my colour was a 420 – in addition to this I was told my undertone was indeed yellow but with a bit of golden.

Glad I went into swatch the shade before buying it.. I picked up the shade 420.. but I’m yet to do a review on the product nonetheless since I’m still warming up to it.

Thank you for reading.. hope you enjoyed it.

Have you tried the Famous Fenty Foundation? If so, what are your thoughts? Let me know.

See you all in my next post.

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