Skincare Sunday: Eyewake Collagen Gel

Hey lovelies,

Just wanted to share a skincare product which was sent to me by a company called ‘Eyewake’ (on instagram).

This product was sent to me a couple of months ago but I’ve noticed some major improvements in my skin since using it. I’ve been using this product since April 2018 but only started using it consistently since May 2018.


The consistency of this product is runny, liquid gel (I can’t deny i was reluctant to put it on my face because of this lol). See picture below for what I mean.


This product does contain a distinct smell of aloe vera, lemon and cucumber. The smell isn’t strong but the product does carry a smell.


For the wonders that this product does I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone with tired skin. The price of this product is £18.95.


The finish of this product is lush.. honestly. Hydration is one of the things my skin lacks and this product.. even just a pea sized amount, goes a long way. This product doesn’t stick or sit on the skin, it sinks right under the skin not leaving your skin to shine or seem dry or tired.

After applying the collagen gel to my face

Overall verdict

This product has been featured on my blog because all in all I would recommend this to anyone and everyone with tired, grumpy looking skin. It also does leave your skin with a youthful, radiant glow. Would definitely recommend.

Just thought I’d share this post with my subscribers. Hope you like my review?

Have you tried or heard about this product before? If so, let me know.

Please feel free to check them out online:


Instagram: Eyewakeuk

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