Narloa What’s New/Review: Aloe + Lemon Face Wash, Whipped Shea Mousse and Avocado Face Oil

Hello lovely people,

Yes so a while back I came across a company called Narloa, which focus mainly on skincare (oooo and lovely bath scrubs).

I had been meaning to order from them and provide a review on some of their products but never really actually got round to doing this. But last week they celebrate their 1st Birthday (Happy Birthday to Narloa) and saw that they were offering discounts to potential customers (this was my opportunity to grab something).

So after scrolling through their website.. I’d finally settled for three items which I felt might be suitable for my skin type and potential help improve the texture of my skin.

The items were Aloe & Lemon Face Wash, Whipped Shea Mousse and Avocado Face Oil.

As I’ve only been using these items for a couple of days now the review will be limited.


Aloe & Lemon Face Wash

I initially picked this product up because of the simple fact that it contained natural products such as Aloe Vera extracts and natural soap bark extracts. I know it seems a little extreme but I’m all about natural products as they tend to be really helpful in my skin.


This product doesn’t actually carry a smell, which is shocking.

Whipped Shea Mousse

I kid you not, I’ve never seen Shea oil or butter whipped so good. This product is so light yet moisturising, dammnnn.

One of the reasons why I chose this item is because it has a blend of Shea butter with safflower and rice brans oils which hydrates the skin and locks in moisture, which is great for dull/dry skin (lol like mine).


With this product it does carry a light smell of lime and oranges once applied to the skin. But it’s nothing too overpowering (plus I always get told that I smell good with it).

Avocado Face Oil

Specifically made for dry and mature skin, the Avocado oil helps to treat dry skin with oils high in omega 3 and omega 6, which are essential acids that our skin needs (and as I have dry/combination skin, I think it’s quite obvious as to why I picked this one).


Initially when I started using this product I didn’t think it carried a smell. Until I began using it at night, I noticed it smelt like pomegranate and lavender. But yes, it does carry a very light smell.

So that’s it from me! If you’re into natural products or just willing to try something new for your skin – go check out

Hope you guys liked this post? If you would like to see more skincare reviews just let me know?

But have you tried out Narloa? If so, what did you purchase?

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