What’s New: Rimmel London Lash Building Mascara, Rimmel London Wonder Wing, Go Brow Microblading Pencil, L.A. Girl Pro Powder, Sleek Bronze Block

Hey lovelies,

Yes, so your girl is back with another mini what’s new post..

Ladies (and gents) just wanted to make you aware I do these posts for you.. I’ve received some emails which suggest some of you would like to see some more beauty posts from me.. honestly if you would like to see more of anything on my blog just drop me an email or even if you have a question feel free to pop me an email..

But without further ado let’s get into this post..

Rimmel London Lash Building Mascara

So I popped into my local Boots store lol like I always do.. to pick up something but ended up picking up something else.. sums me up. I picked this up initially because my current Mascara leaves clumps on my eyelashes and thought to try something else. But yeah I’ve heard nothing but wonderful things about this Mascara from other bloggers and Youtubers. So thought, why not give it a try?

Rimmel London Wonder Wing

Now this is a little out of my comfort zone as I never do winged eyeliner (except in secondary school) but I’m always willing to try something new, especially if it would make my eyes pop a little more. So I opted to try this one.

Go brow Microblading eyebrow pencil

Lol now if you’re anything like me and can’t be bothered to do the whole eyebrow routine in the morning.. this is a product that you need. It comes with an eyebrow spooley on one end and the pencil on the other.. it’s so easy to use and sculpt your brows.. I picked this up at my local hair and beauty store for just £1.99 (I know right) been using it since forever definitely an item I won’t be dropping anytime soon.

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