Lipstick Diary : Sunday Swatches..

Hey lovelies,

As swatches have been highly requested on my blog page, I think I might consider adding a section dedicated to swatches for all of my lovely subscribers..

Let me know if this is something you’d like or if you’d like it in one single post..

So as I mentioned in one of my previous post.. I’ve recently started wearing lipstick lol and have I started a collection already..

I mentioned I bought two lipsticks from SleekMakeup.. and I lurveee ’em. The shine, the feel, the finish the texture, the smell, everything.

With flash: Baby Doll and Stiletto

Without flash: Baby doll and Stiletto

Both these lipsticks are amazing in colour, quality, smell, finish and texture. Easy application and easy removal.

See you lovelies in my next post.

5 thoughts on “Lipstick Diary : Sunday Swatches..

  1. The swatches are almost TOO close up with the zoom, i think. For the light pink, it looks thin, like you had to recover the swatch a few times to get good color. is that how it is on? I had one like that- where to get a solid looking matte color finish i had to apply 3 coats and by then it just gets so thick! that red is dope, though!

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