Simple Summer Skincare: Night Time Routine

Hello lovelies,

Honestly, I thought I’d share this as this routine has helped me massively, with regards to balancing out my skin tone and keeping it moisturised throughout the night.

So these are the products I use, in addition to The Glow Pot Cleanser, Facial Wash & Moisturiser as mentioned in my previous post.

But from right to left:

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Facial Scrub

Without a doubt I grab this product both in the morning and evening. I feel like the little exfoliating seeds in this product keep my skin fresh and rid of any dirt. When applied I can definitely feel a tingling sensation in my skin and more when washed off. I love this product as it is super affordable and definitely improves the texture of dry, dull-looking skin. I also alternate between this Facial Scrub and the Neutrogena Visable Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub, just depends which one I grab first.

Source of Nature Facial Wash White Tea and Green Tea

So I’ve been searching for an all natural facial wash which doesn’t leave my skin feeling dehydrated or dry, as many products do. I first came across this product in my local supermarket (lol I know right). So glad I’m always open to trying new products because this stuff is the bomb-diggy, when used alone or alongside other products it is literally the ish. Doesn’t leave my skin dehydrated or dry and removes all traces of make up (after two uses).

Simple Skin Quench Sleeping Cream

Although I only started using this product about 2 weeks ago. This is a product I use right before bed, I just use a pea size amount, massage gently into my hand and apply to my skin. This does leave my skin feeling moisturised throughout the night but I’m sure that’s the only thing it does, at this point lol.

Simple Kind To Skin Facial Scrub

This is a product I’ve been using for a couple of months and don’t think I’ll be letting go anytime soon lol. I use this product occasionally to exfoliate when not using the other one. Simple products have always agreed with my dry ashy skin lol.

Vitamin C Brightening Daily Moisturiser

This was a try and test product, which again I picked up from my local supermarket (lowkey supermarket products pop). This is a moisturiser which works well for me at night just before I apply the sleeping cream. Keeps my skin feeling and looking brighter in the morning. So yes, been added to the night time skincare routine.

So yes, that’s the products I use in the summer and also in the night.

Have you tried any of these products? If so, which ones?

Do you have a night time skincare routine? Please do share below..

I’ll see my lovelies in my next post..

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