Skincare Review: The Glow Pot Honey Face Wash, Vitamin ACE Moisturiser, Natural Cucumber Cleanser

Hi lovelies,

If you know me lol you know I love skincare products and I’m ALWAYS willing to invest in skincare products which improve the condition of my skin.

Lol so I suffer from dry/combination skin (check out this blog post if you’d like to know how to discover your skin type).

So yeah.. last year I came across a newly established company on Twitter, but was always reluctant to try, simply because of scams that happen online (Better to be safe than sorry).

But fast forward 7 months later.. after seeing so many wonderful reviews, and hearing lovely things about the brand, the products and also discovering that it is a black owned business, I just had to drop my coins and support.

As I was unsure about what to get as they have a wide range of products suited to different skin types (I know right?!). I decided to private message the business page to get advice about which products would be best suited for my skin type and the customer service was actually second to none, amazing!).

Anyways I was told the Wash and Cleanse Set and the Vitamin ACE Moisturiser was great for dermatitis (another skin problem I have, especially on my neck).

So I placed my order on a Saturday and I kid you not, by Tuesday my order was with me, as in my order had come through in the post.

I’ve been using the product for just under three weeks now, day and night and so far I can already see slow improvements in the texture and feel of my skin.

Smell: The smell of the products, yeah.. The Honey Face wash, smells so lush.. like a light but flattery smell.

Price: Honey, the price of the three items were affordable coming up to just under £40 for all three.

Cons: one of the cons of this product was the size, I would pay more for a bigger size most definitely, but then again they’re fairly new on the market, so I guess they’re starting small..

Honey, if you’re looking for glowing skin at an affordable price head to: If you’re unsure about which products would be suitable for your skin type private message the company on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (amazing customer service!).

Hope you liked this review?

Have you tried any of The Glow Pot products?! If so, which ones?

See you lovelies in my next post!

Fyi: This post is not sponsored. Just an honest review of what I think of the products.

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7 thoughts on “Skincare Review: The Glow Pot Honey Face Wash, Vitamin ACE Moisturiser, Natural Cucumber Cleanser

  1. I am glad natural cosmetics are trendy now. I make some myself but sometimes I also buy to spoil myself… I never heard of this face wash but after your description I feel convinced.

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  2. It looks like you’ve found yourself some great products. I’ve never heard of these companies, but I’m sure they’re good. Thank you for your honesty!

    Liked by 2 people

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