Veet Easy-Wax Electric Roll On..

Hey lovelies,

So the sun is upon us.. (or so it was lol!) so your best friend has invited you to a roof garden party..

and you’re ready to “ayyyy, ayyyy” it up with the ladies.. you have thoughts of putting on your best high waisted shorts and that gorgeous crop top you purchased, oh and don’t forget sandals (those gorgeous ones you’ve picked up from Zara).. YASSSS your hair is SLAYEDD and you know your outfit will be aswell.. you have images of you sipping on the finest cocktails (mmm pina colado.. yes pls!) plans of getting all that sun soaked into your body.. music playing.. thoughts of everybody just chilling.. YASSSSS!

But snap back to reality and you’ve got roughly 6 hours and hmm.. 30 minutes to get yourself together..

Your eyebrows are not done.. your nails not done (ahhh, you missed your manicure and pedicure appointment earlier this week) you’ve run out of your favourite foundation.. you already know this is going to take at least 4 hours.. oh no and your legs and arms are hairier than a Norwegian cat.. loooool.

Thank God you purchased the Veet Easy Wax Electric Roll On Kit which is great because it

  • “Is an easy to use heated wax system, made with 90% ingredients from natural origin that will give me long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days. With a formula made with resin derived from pine trees and she’s butter of natural origin, known for soothing properties, leaving the skin feeling moisturised and touchable soft”

Yaaay! Sorted with the hairy legs and arms (whoop something that will only take around 30-35 minutes tops)…

So simple all you need to do is:

1. Slide the refill with Veet wax in the device.

2. Plug it into the socket and leave for about 20-25 minutes to allow the ideal temperature to be reached.

3. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth.

4. Place a non-woven strip onto your skin and rub it a few times in the direction of hair growth.

5. Pull the skin very tight take the strip and pull against the direction of your hair growth.

6. After waxing, apply Veet Perfect Finish wipe to remove leftovers

Ayyyyye, Sorted. Simple as. Now you can use the remaining hours to get glammed up and still purchase your favourite foundation..

Lol a little bit strange talking in third person but let me know what you guys think?

Do you like it?!

Love you guys!


Btw this is not a sponsored post I will always mention if it is.

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