The Body Shop: Glow Up.. Love The Skin You’re in Event..

Hey lovelies,

So all this week I was blogging about The Body Shop products, reviewing and ranting about my favs lol.

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know The Body Shop hosted a two day event with three events on each day.. where influencers, models, speakers, industry experts. This event was hosted in London about maintaining body positivity, skincare regime, self love and selfcare and maintaining a healthy and balanced glow, in addition to loving the skin you’re in..

Yes, I did attend their 4th event (out of six). It was an amazing afternoon and the panelist’s were very friendly and inviting . Just going to give a glimpse into the afternoon that I had.

So the event started at 1:30pm where we were provided with refreshments and smoothies and offered a taster/sample to some of The Body Shop products.

Then the event started at 2pm, where we were led in..

The 4 gorgeous people on the panel were, honestly absolutely flawless..

Left to right: Emily Bador, Ashleigh Kane, The Slumflower, Megan Crabbe).

They each introduced themselves and started of fairly simple speaking about self care, self love and their skincare routine what they do in the morning and night lol each was different but fairly simple.

Then they went on to speak about body confidence, treating and loving yourself.. how you should treat your skin.. (Amazing Stuff).

There were then a couple more questions asked by Emily Bador about maintaining self love, growth, what they would tell their younger self, surrounding yourself around the sort of people who reflect you etc.. They then ended the session with a Q&A from the invitees (uhhh-mazingg stuff).

They were honestly so relaxed and all individually unique. I’m honestly so thankful to the Body Shop for hosting this event. Definitely one to remember.

Below I’ve left a couple more photos of the day.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I was able to provide you with an insight into the day as it was one of the best.

Love you my hunnies x

3 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Glow Up.. Love The Skin You’re in Event..

  1. This event sounds amazing! I follow some of the panelists on social media— how great to see/speak with them in person! Looks like you had a great time and learned a lot about some new products!

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