Review: Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz

Hey beauties,

Lol back with another review.. I know you’re probably thinking “ugh.. not another one” lol but I promise it’s all with a good reason.

Which will be announced soon.

But back to the review..

As featured in my ‘What’s New‘ post, The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Facial Spritz..

All my Dry/Combination skin people, where you at?!

This product is said to:

Instantly refresh your skin and boost radiance with our energising face mist. Perfect for enhancing dull complexions and on- the-go hydration.

Most suited:

  • For dull, tired, grumpy skin
  • Rich with Vitamin C camu camu from the Amazonian rainforest, Peru
  • High in Community Trade Aloe Vera

• For dull, tired, grumpy skin

  • Refresh and enhance natural radiance

So bam!! As many of you may know it’s important to ensure your skin stays hydrated especially throughout the colder months (if you live in London you know we get them quite a lot lool) particularly if you suffer with dry skin, like myself.

So yeah.. with regards to this product:

Consistency: This is a Facial mist/spray which can be used to as part of your skincare regime to brighten up the skin or used as a setting spray to help fix makeup and make it look fresher for longer.

This product is in a spray bottle which can be held at a reasonable distance and sprayed all over the face. Although the packaging below has changed quite significantly, still the same amazing product in the bottle.

Finish: The finish of this product is that it leaves the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and moisturised. Apply a great facial moisturiser/serum and spray this facial spritz on, coupled with The Body Shop: Aqua Boost Sorbet to lock all that goodness in, boom, you’re set for the day.

Price: This product is priced at £8.00.. but as mentioned in my previous post discounts literally float about.

Smell: Lol if you don’t like the smell of citrusy products you might not like this one. This product does carry a strong citrus smell (as it should lol) but I don’t mind too much.

Size: The size of this product, 100ml is quite small which isn’t necessarily a bad thing especially if you’re always on the go or don’t like to carry to much.

Overall verdict: added this to part of my daily skincare routine and yasss I’m loving it. No but forreal this product is definitely a must have, the finish, the smell, even the size, uhhh-mazing! Love it..

Have you tried this product? Or any of The Body Shop Vitamin C range?

Let me know down below

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See you hunnies in my next post.


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