Strawberry Legs Syndrome..

Hey lovelies,

Now I’ve always been a person who hid her legs underneath jeans, tights, pyjama bottoms, tracksuit bottoms, sweatpants, leggings, jeggings, trousers.. you name it lol this was definitely me. Even in the hot weather.. (imagine it).

The reason was simple I was embarrassed about the dark bumps or “strawberry bumps” on my legs.. and no matter how much cream/oil or pastes I tried it would always be there.. ugh.

So after doing research into what causes small dark marks or “strawberry legs” to appear onto the skin, I was able to work on finding products which would help my skin.

Firstly what are strawberry legs..

Strawberry legs is a skin condition which causes little black dots (dark spots) to appear after hair removal. These black dots are dirt and grime caught in your pores.

What causes this..

Caused mainly by clogged hair follicles, due to reasons such as dead skin cells, dirt, ingrown hair, oil and sebum being caught up in the skin.

What you can do..

There are many inexpensive products/ingredients which you can use to help minimise/get rid of strawberry bumps. But the one that I’ve found most helpful would be the exfoliating process.

Opening the pores firstly by applying warm water to the skin. Then using this AMAZING Scrub of Life Product by Soap & Glory massaging that in with exfoliating gloves.. ugh, can I just add the smell is absolutely LUSH. Then washing this off with cold water. (I found scrubbing for longer and not harder tends to be very helpful aswell).

To close off I would then go in with the Clean on Me (a recent purchase) squeezing an ample amount onto an exfoliating brush, working this gentle through in a circular motion on my legs, again waiting 5-10 minutes before washing this off with cold water.

Then.. without letting my skin get dry, I then apply shea butter to my skin to help keep it moistured and not feeling dry or rough.

This is something which has worked for my skin (dry/combination skin type) and I hope it may well help some of you who may be suffering from “Strawberry Leg Syndrome” lol.

I am aware there are other methods/treatments which are inexpensive and just as good, but as mentioned this is what works for my skin. I did try many other methods but found this one the most useful..

Have you tried any other method? If so, do comment down below which method you’ve tried found useful 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Love you my hunnies xoxo

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