Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil.

Hey ladies and gents,

Hope everyone is doing fantastic and is having an amazing week thus far?

Yeah I’ve been gone well over a month, simply because my baby (camera) broke and I had to wait some time to get it fixed lol, it’s been too long.

But I’m baackkkkkkk!

Yes and I’m back with another review on this amazing product, which I have been using for about a month now. I know, I featured this product in my previous ‘what’s new’ blog post.

This post isn’t sponsored and this is simply my take on the product. Different people, different reviews!

Yes, can I start by banging on about the smell of this product? Yes? Well for starters the smell is absolutely lushhh. I absolutely lurveeee ittttt.

But moving on the review of this product lol. One of the things that I adore about this product is that it does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a hydrating cleanser oil and products which hydrate the skin, especially dry skin (like mine) are key. Secondly, another key thing about this product is the fact that it contains 100% natural oils (grape seed oil) – which means it doesn’t clog pores. In addition, grape seed oil is great for treating acne, help diminishing dark circles around the eyes, moisturise and fight ageing.

I initially picked this product up just to try it, after eyeing it for ages & I’m glad I did. Great if you’re looking for a cleansing oil that leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant.

Ahhhh! However, with some ups there are some downs! With this product when you first initially start using the product the consistency is a greasy texture (funny because the packaging says otherwise). After time this feeling does ware away and the texture becomes a lightweight texture especially once applied on the skin. (Ayyyy, perfect, I know right).

I apply this cleansing oil once in the morning after washing my face with warm/hot water (to open my pores) and using my lemon facial wash. Leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes before washing it off with cold water (to close my pores) and carry on with my daily facial routine. If I’ve worn make-up that day or I’m in the mood, I then use this to remove the make-up and carry on with my daily facial routine.

This product (along with others, which I will also review) has helped even out my skin tone and hydrate my skin to give it that effortless glow.

My skin without lightening.

My skin with a bit of foundation and in natural lightening.

Overall, this product is thumbs up if you’ve got sensitive, acne prone skin or if you’re really just looking to even out your skin tone and produce a more radiant, natural finish. As mentioned this product does feel greasy on the skin at first but once you use the product more the texture does become more lightweight on the skin.

So yes, I’ll certainly be restocking my shelves with this product. As I feel it’s suited towards my skin type (dry/combination skin).

Hope you found this review somewhat helpful?

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See you guys in my next post.

Lots of love. Xx


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