Back to Basics| Types of foundation

Hi Lovelies,

With this post we’re going back to the foundation (lol I tried). But I just thought I’d do a blog post on the different types of foundation.

There are many different types of foundations, when it comes to foundation, but more so it’s about finding the one that is suitable for you, as they come in different tints, shades, coverage and compositions. However, they do lie within three categories: Liquid foundation, cream foundation and powder foundation.

Liquid foundation.

Liquid foundations are:

  • Lightweight and the easiest to apply hence why they are a popular choice.
  • Blend well while capturing moisture in the skin.
  • Available as oil based and water based formulas.
  • Often come as liquid packed in bottles.

Liquid foundation is literally suitable for any skin type (if you’re unsure about your skin type feel free to read here!)

But just to summarise:

  • Dry and wrinkly skin – as liquid foundation tends to be thick and greasy, this will blend perfectly leaving the skin supple and moist.
  • Oily skin: if you have oily skin it would be advisable to avoid the oil based foundation, for obvious reasons. It would be advisable to pick up a water based foundation as this contains silicon oil which will create a perfect base and also add shine to the face.
  • Normal/combination skin: it is advised to go for water based foundation if you have this skin type as this offers light based coverage than the oil based ones, allowing it to blend perfectly with the skin.

Cream foundation

Cream foundation:

  • Contain oil and are thick and creamy in terms of texture.
  • They offer heavier coverage and more moisture to the skin.
  • Offers a better skin coverage covering blemishes and scars, leaving the skin smooth with a glossy touch.
  • Can also be used as concealers.

This foundation is more suited to those with extra dry skin, as it has moisturising properties offering maximum coverage to the skin leaving it feeling hydrated. This also leaves a glossy finish.

Stick Foundation

Stick foundations:

  • Tend to dry very quickly and provide a more matte finish.
  • Sometimes used as a substitute for concealers covering skin flaws and blemishes.
  • Used more for photo shoots and drama.

Stick Foundation are more suited to those of you with oily skin as they dry up fairly quickly allowing the skin to appear more uniform.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundation comes in two forms loose powder form/pressed powder form.

  • Very dry and provides no moisture.
  • Works best for those that do not normally wear foundation.
  • Provides a more natural look.
  • Also used to fix Makeup.

1. Loose powder foundation

Used to fix foundation and add the finishing touches, with easy to use application, this is suited for oily skin.

2. Press powder foundation

Mainly used as foundation touch up and available in compact form, usually applied with a damp or dry sponge. Again, this is suited for those with oily or dry skin type. But mainly suited for those with oily skin.

There are many more types of foundation these include:

  • Mousee/Whipped Foundation
  • Tinted Moisturiser
  • Cream to powder Foundation/Liquid to powder foundation.
  • Spray Foundation
  • Mineral Foundation
  • Waterproof Foundation

I personally feel although these are on the market they aren’t as popular.

Which foundation do you use? Any particular brand? Please feel free to share below.

See you lovelies in my next post.

*all images in this post have been sourced from google

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