Back to Basics| Knowing your face shape

Hi my lovelies,

Yes, I’m back with another blog. Yes, I’m sticking to the agenda! Yes, yes, yes!!

Lol, but hope you’re well? Back with another informative blog on knowing your face shape and why it is important.

Aye, without further delay let’s get straight into it.

Understanding and knowing your face shape is a step which is crucial in terms of creating a look which is allows you to feel your best.

Identifying and determining your face shape will also help you on deciding a new hairstyle, grooming and shaping your eyebrows, applying blusher and bronzer and all the other amazing things. In doing this it will help you put your best face forward.

First I’m going to talk through the different facial shapes/structures.

1. Heart face

Heart shaped faces are wide at the forehead and the cheek bones, and come down to an angular or pointed chin.

2. Long face

Almost got this confused with oval face lol. But oblong/long faces tend to be longer than oval faces and the chin is a lot more narrower.

3. Oval face

Oval faces tend to be proportionate, although the forehead tends to be a little wider than the chin. The face tends to be slightly longer, than they are wide.

4. Triangle face

With triangular face shapes the lower half of the face is relatively thin, approaching an appearance of a triangle with a tip which faces downwards.

5. Square face

Square shaped faces tend to be proportional in width and length, with a broad jawline and forehead.

6. Round face

Lastly, with round faces the face tends to be full with a more round chin as well as very few defined angles and prominent cheeks.

Although there are other facial shapes these are the ones which are the most common.

Finding out your facial shape.

There are three questions in which you should ask yourself, if you would like to find out your face shape. Ensure you slick or pull your hair back before doing this.

1. What is the widest part of your face? Forehead? cheekbones? Jaw?

2. What is the shape of your jaw? Round? Square? Triangular? Pointy?

3. What is the length of your face? Short? Long?

If you struggle to identify any of the facial shapes, that’s fine. Just find the one which is similar to your face.

Hope you found this blog useful.

Do you know your facial shape?

See you lovelies in my next post!

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